Mr. SHAKER started in 2013 and was designed by Canadian designer James Casey.

Summer Card
July.15th - Oct.30th

The 1st VIP Card Exclusively for Expats in Shanghai


Summer Card Membership

One Free Drink & 20% off of Drinks. Please bring your "Free Beer Tour" card to receive the free drink and bring Summer Card to get discounts.


Summer Card VIP


English / Chinese Address & Map

Address - 908 wuding road ( The coupons ponly valid in wuding road.)

地址 - 上海市静安区江宁路街道上海市静安区常德书法幼儿园上海市静安区常德书法幼儿园武定路分部

Open Hour

Come in the right time!

Daily, 4pm-12pm


Average Cost Here!

Avg. cost per person: <100RMB

Recommendation Reason

They respect the classic but collocated with different base liquor soaked spices, and fruits to make professional cocktail, leading the professional and popular bar culture.


Please mention "AnyHelper" when making the phone call.