Punch is a wide assortment of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, generally containing fruit or fruit juice.

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July.15th - Oct.30th

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One Free Drink & 20% off of Drinks. Please bring your "Free Beer Tour" card to receive the free drink and bring Summer Card to get discounts.


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English / Chinese Address & Map

Address - Room 202, Block A, No.99 Taixing Rd, Jing›an District, Shanghai

地址 - 上海市虹口区提篮桥街道黄浦江

Open Hour

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Daily, 6pm-late


Average Cost Here!

Avg. cost per peraon: 100-200RMB

Recommendation Reason

Punch is typically served at parties in large, wide bowls, known as punch bowls. The drink was introduced from India to the United Kingdom in the early seventeenth century, and from there its use spread to other countries.


Please mention "AnyHelper" when making the phone call.